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Report entitled: Study of marine turtles in Guadeloupe (1998)

To my parents, my beloved sister, her son born during my internship,
turtles and cetaceans of all oceans and seas


Larine turtles have existed for millions of years in all the world's oceans, and particularly in tropical zones. As descendants of land tortoises, they have adapted very well to life in the water. Their legs have become flippers, and their bodies, originally massive, have taken on a hydrodynamic shape.
It's a papery animal, omnivorous in some species, quiet and harmless, never harming anyone and seeing no need to. Sea turtles are very slow and spend hours sleeping. But what threat can disturb them? if not the constraints of nature? Man.

Humans have always intervened in the natural cycle of things, despite the difficulty of natural selection. For many years now, the turtle has been hunted relentlessly and is in danger of disappearing if no action is taken. It's never too late.

This report explains the latest discoveries, methods and solutions for protecting and saving them.

During this internship at the Guadeloupe aquarium, I had to understand and study the different turtles of the West Indies. The aquarium was open to them, and I spent a lot of time with them. I was prepared to take a serious look at the sick turtles and rehabilitate them with the team, while working in the tanks and laboratory. And so it was.


I would like to thank

All the people in charge of the aquarium, who helped me discover a fascinating and unique job, in terms of both knowledge and human relations:

Mr Cuvillier Jean-Marie, Mrs Poittevin Sylvie, Mrs Atam - Kassigadou Valérie, Mrs Lyncée Sabine and Mrs Vrignaud Lydia.

And the members of the "Compagne des Bâteaux verts" society: Mr Liban Yvon-andré, Mrs Salerno Yvonne, Mrs Castillo Susana and Mr Rodomond Regy.

Internship report from July 1 to December 19, 1998

at the Guadeloupe Aquarium - Gosier - West Indies

Julien Marchal

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