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Since my first swim in Corsica at the age of 6
and my encounter with my first whale in 1995,
I am below or above the sea!

  • The season as captain with - Essipit Cruises - for the observation of marine mammals has just begun and lasts until October 05, 2024. Come and see me!
  • Acoustic contract on marine mammals in the port of Rivière-du-Loup (Canada, QC).

In October 2023, I was - Passive Acoustics System Operator (PAM) - at the disposal of a consulting engineering firm during dredging for a ferry (QC, Canada). Here's my article and photos. I'll probably go back in October 2024.

"We protect what we love, and we love what we know."

- Jean-Yves Cousteau
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Discovery Cruises

Come and meet the marine mammals


A unique experience

Impressive and elusive, marine wildlife can be observed in exceptional conditions during the summer season in Canada



Beyond the show, these outings allow us to realize how small we are, all the wonderful magic of nature and the elements that are beyond us.



The whales approach the boats on their own and we make sure that they are in permanent confidence


20+ years of sailing

I know perfectly the ocean and the climate in this area where I have lived and sailed for a lifetime

The 2023 season is over!

Experience feedback

An interest in marine mammals?

Do not hesitate to contact me for your study needs.

Cetacean Watching

Are you an NGO? Interested in my work?

In Canada

I live in Northern Canada all year round and it is a favorite area for whales and other northern resident mammals, I would be happy to respond to any observation and photographic missions requested.

In the Mediterranean Sea

I am particularly familiar with this maritime area which was my first observation ground and I can carry out short missions oriented towards marine mammals.



I have studied in French Polynesia, French Guiana and the West Indies. I would be delighted to discover new areas of observation and to bring comparative capabilities for short missions.

2024 targets


  • Whale watching cruises in Canada for an 8th season

Continue to whale and seal watching cruises for - Essipit Cruises (QC, Canada) for the 2024 season and exceed 279 outings.

  • Correcting and editing my autobiography

My proofreader is still proofreading my manuscript. He talks about where I come from, my youth, Corsica, my relationship with the sea, captivity, ocean pollution, marine mammals, my travels and the consecration of my work as captain in Canada. As soon as it's done, I'll make the changes and send it to the editors.


"When the last tree is cut down, The last river poisoned, The last fish caught, Then you'll discover That money can't be eaten..."

- Cree proverb (Canadian Indians)