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The acoustics and sonar of the bottlenose dolphin - Parc Astérix (1997)

Hello to all,

Report entitled: The acoustics and sonar of the bottlenose dolphin.

In this report, I wanted to do something different. Indeed, when I saw that all the reports looked the same, I decided to share my interest in dolphin acoustics and sonar (echolocation).


Mhis summer's work involved listening to and recording killer whales (Orcinus orca) in British Columbia (Canada), which motivated me to understand how dolphins can emit sounds and create echolocation. Obviously, I'm obliged to talk about "life at the dolphinarium" (Part I) and the "blowing dolphin" (Tursiops truncatus: Part II), as my work as an intern must be shared outside Parc Astérix.

It's in the last part (part III) that my knowledge is exploited. Sonar, or echolocation, has been adapted to marine life for millions of years, and the dolphin has adapted it perfectly to learn about its environment and hunt its prey.

It was time to set the record straight. Now, you be the judge.

Enjoy your reading. Sincerely.

France, September and November 1997

Julien Marchal

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